Ruby File Synchronizer


This project provides a file synchronization tool, comparable to Unison File Synchronizer, with a fast and simple to use application interface. It is completely written in Ruby and uses the Fox toolkit for the graphical interface.

To do the synchronization between two folders, the Ruby File Synchronizer uses either MD5 checksums or simple filename checks (which is of course much more performant). The checksums are stored in a profile which is stored separate for all synchronization folders.

The sourceforge homepage can be found here



2007/06/27 Ruby File Synchronizer 0.7.1 released
2007/05/24 Ruby File Synchronizer 0.7 released
2007/04/18 Ruby File Synchronizer 0.6.2 released
2007/04/17 Ruby File Synchronizer 0.6.1 released
2007/04/15 Project homepage goes online
2007/04/09 Ruby File Synchronizer 0.6 released


Here the features of the last release of the Ruby File Synchronizer are listed:



Hence the project development is not finished, you can find the Todos in the following list (not sorted by relevance):



You can download the Ruby File Synchronizer from here.


If you downloaded the Windows executable, there is nothing more to do than double-click on the executable. Everything you need to run the Ruby File Synchronizer (including the ruby interpreter) is contained in this executable.


To run the platform independent version be sure to meet the following prerequisites:

Now you can execute the platform independent file.


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